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J, K & R's residence BEFORE.
J,K and R's residence AFTER.
J, K and R's Back BEFORE.
J, K and R's back AFTER.
Bruce's ranch BEFORE.
Bruce's ranch AFTER.
B and B's kitchen we designed in 1990 - installing new kitchen (BEFORE).
B and B's kitchen AFTER.
M and G's entry BEFORE.
M and G's entry AFTER.
M and G's living room glass BEFORE.
M and G's living room glass AFTER.
The Colorado kitchen BEFORE renovation , looking down from the master bedroom landing.
The Colorado kitchen AFTER renovation.  A large island anchors the kitchen area and now allows greater flow between the areas.  Alder cabinets accent the black rubbed finish of the island.  Quartz counters are used at the sink area and honed granite is used on the island.
The Colorado kitchen BEFORE renovation.  You can see the shape of the kitchen limited activity in the kitchen.  The proportions of the cabinets where out of scale for the size of the entertaining area.
The Colorado kitchen AFTER reflects the scale of the kitchen cabinetry in relationship to the room.  The wall cabinetry is Alder and the island is a custom rubbed black finish.
The Colorado kitchen BEFORE shows how the kitchen cabinetry didn't allow full circulation through the kitchen.
The Colorado kitchen AFTER renovation show the combination of stained and rubbed finishes used in the kitchen.
The Colorado master bathroom BEFORE renovation show how limited the room felt with some of the elements installed.
The Colorado master bath retreat AFTER shows the one of the client's vanity suspended off the wall.  The area where the old whirlpool was located is now open.  Opposite of the window area is a overscaled shower.
The Colorado master bath BEFORE shows how closely spaced the sinks were located.
The Colorado master bath retreat AFTER shows a close up of one of the client's vanities.  The mirrors float off the wall surface and the
Examples featuring before and after photos of our projects.  

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