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 Oellien Design Clients
Tulsa OBGYN  •  Casillas Petroleum  •  Senior Suites  •  Bank of Oklahoma
Small Business Services  •  Diamond Center  •  Boston Deli
Oellien Design, Inc. takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do.  Below is a listing of some of the clients we support followed by their thoughts on the service we provide:
Atherton Residence, Cox/Lakin Residence, Coon Residence, Gladd Residence, Pellegrini Residence, Bhow Residence, Leffler Residence, Widdows Residence, Jones Residence, Norton Residence, Eisen Residence, Fausser Residence, Alred Residence, Allison Residence, Kantor Residence, Baruh Residence, Gehring/Gray Residence, Hall Residence, DeGrandi Residence, Diehl Residence, Harber Residence, Schreppel Residence, Brewer Residence, McMahan Residence, Zollinger Residence, Conklin Residence, Dalton Residence, Payne Residence
​Kent consistently has innovative and creative yet functional ideas.  He can be as "over the top" as you want or equally as creative with simple/economical projects. His planning is very thorough and when it comes to a great remodel that requires construction, I appreciate his architectural/construction expertise, in addition to his great design work.
Stefanie Atherton

We've worked with Kent at Oellien Design, Inc. for years.  He's completed interior and landscape design projects for us and we couldn't be happier with his work.  He's turned our drab, unimaginative house into a beautiful home that reflects our family.  He always manages to strike the perfect balance between my love of color and contemporary design with my husband's more traditional taste.  Even though we live 4 hours away we can't imagine working  with anyone else.  First and foremost, his talent is indisputable and his attention to detail is impeccable.  His designs aren't cookie-cutter, instead, each project is unique and perfectly designed for the space and its use.  And all of his choices always take into account our two small boys and our dog.  Kent is quick to repsond to all of our phone calls and emails and is respectful of our budget.  He listens carefully to our needs and our ideas and with each project, gives us more than we could have ever imagined.  Lastly, we know that when we work with Kent, great results are guaranteed.
Michelle DeGrandi

The design team was great from the planning through the construction.  They caught many builder errors and made our house truly custom.  How our family lives was always considered and the house fuctions very well.  The scale of the architectural details and furnishings sit very well.  They are very good.  
Grant R. Cox

Their attention to detail and unique materials make them tops in my estimate.  Kent is professional and makes sure the job is done right.  He has done several remodel projects for us now and we still love the results in each one.  The latest remodel project was for a second home we have in Colorado and Kent designed and helped coordinate a remodel for the kitchen and master bath even though he hasn't seen the actual space.  He did it with photographs and measurements.  Everyone that has seen the spaces loves the results. Last year he did a remodel which opened up the central part of our house with the removal of a wall and completely changed the look and feel of the space.  It is wonderful to be living within that space now.
Jean Ann Fausser

Oellien Design renovations are unforgettable. The attention to details is what sets them apart, along with the customized features to fit your own personal lifestyle.  If you want a home that's showcase worthy, yet has a warm livable feel, Oellien Design provides that level of service.  I've used them for 25 years and wouldn't consider using anyone else for my landscaping as well as the interior needs of my residence.
Karen Kantor


Please contact us with your specific requests regarding a project you are considering.
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