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 Residencial/03 Design Gallery
The AFTER view of the renovated residence.  Commerical glazing installed on a horizontal repeats the horizontal lines of the residence.  Gable roof details were removed and the existing brick was painted out.
A view looking out of the dining room window out towards the front yard.  The windows are tinted to restrict vision into the residence during the day.
Another view of the living area toward the open kitchen space.
The AFTER back photograph reflects the scale of the windows that were added.  A new glass railing system replaces the previous old wooden railing.  The brick was painted out and new stamped concrete patios allow the client's to entertain in different areas of their garden.
The guest room faces the front of the residence and has full commerical glazing at the corner of the room.  Roller shades give the guests privacy at night.  The colors of yellow and white are soft and relaxing.
The existing master bedroom located on the second level reflects the traditional design elements from the previous renovation.  The stripe wallcovering accents the large custom bed covered in a rich citrus green color.  A small study opens off to the side of the bedroom.
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